Shipping and Returns


Prices displayed on the site do not include courier delivery. Changing the destination influences the price and delivery charges related products.

Shipping costs depend directly on the standard courier delivery address:

• National delivery - 2 free delivery attempts;

• International shipping in EU - 25EUR as follows: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary.

NOTE: please pay the exact amount that you order was confirmed by email; We do not charge for additional requests made by the representatives of courier company.

• International delivery outside the EU - 25 Eur

• International Shipping within the European Union - prices include VAT and other taxes (regime DDP - Delivery Duty Paid).

• International deliveries outside the European Union - prices do not include VAT, customs duties and other specific charges (DDU regime - delivery duty unpaid). The specific duties of each destinations will be calculated and invoiced separately from the courier company and will be borne by you


Parcels are delivered under signature, by the courier company.

Please refuse the package if it is damaged.

Please check if the shipment or products have inconsistencies compared to the initial order and / or manufacturing defects in products, and inform us immediately about them.


Please keep in mind that the Mathis products are manufactured after placing an order, according to the specifications set by you - color, size, others - and so you are fully responsible for 'image' of the final product. Mathis guarantees acquired product quality.

All materials used in the production come from the best performing suppliers in Europe and have undergone testing processes prior sale. The skin used in making products Mathis is natural, and the technology and manufacturing stages involved meet the highest quality standards.

3.1 Manufacturing defects

Every customer’s satisfaction is a priority responsibility for Mathis and therefore we invest all necessary resources to give you the best quality when purchasing one of our products. Mathis assures you that all products are thoroughly checked before delivery so as to meet the most demanding quality and compliance procedures.

However, if case of major manufacturing defects please notify us immediately and return the product implicitly. In this situation, you can choose either replacement of the products or a refund.

Any complaints regarding the existence of defects in production after a period of more than 3 days of receipt of goods is considered outdated.

Manufacturing defects refers received defective products (skin broken / cut / cracked / stained produced unstitched). Manufacturing defects does not refer to features of natural leather: ribs, small differences in color, characteristic signs and irregularities, this just shows the authenticity and quality of leather they are made of our products / skins are treated with vegetable tanning, and it can migrate and can easily color coat that comes in contact with; this happens in the first behaviors by until the product acquires a patina single / small irregularities and imperfections of products or parts of products handmade / skin has not been chemically treated excessively for fixing pigment (in order to protect your skin), and so there is a risk migration of color / skins that have been waxed and polished by hand, in this case the skin continues to "wear out" naturally, abrasions color of the surface of leather is an intended effect occurs only after wear and just this bring individuality products.

NOTE: You cannot replace a certain model with products from another model.

NOTE: We do not accept repeated returns for manufacturing defects.

3.2 Guarantee

Quality guarantee certainty is provided by our brand and applies to any product purchased from Mathis.

Duration of warranty is the time limit which runs from the date of purchase of the product to which the manufacturer assumes responsibility for remediation or replacement product purchased, at its expense, if the deficiencies are not attributable to consumers.

Mathis products benefits from a commercial guarantee of 30 days from date of purchase in the store and 14 working days for online orders. The guarantee certificate is represented by the invoice. For any defects that you might find in this time period please let us know immediately and implicitly return the products to be evaluated.

Conditions the guarantee becomes unenforceable or invalid:

- Goods damaged due to physical obsolescence and normal (behavior);

- Products damaged due to transportation, handling, storage in unsuitable conditions

- Products damaged due to exposure to harsh environmental factors (sun, rain, snow, heat shock etc.);

- Product damage caused, voluntarily or involuntarily, by mechanical shocks (torn, fingernail, hanging, hitting, scratching, etc.) or pet;

- Defects caused by inappropriate use, abusive, incorrect, or by handling the product in unsuitable conditions other than those for which it was designed;

- Intervention, repair or modification made by unauthorized persons, including dyeing product;

- Faulty maintenance (cleaning using inappropriate methods or products);

3.3 If the size is not appropriate

If this is your first order on, the product that does not suit size can be replaced with an identical product, same model and same details, one size plus or minus. In this situation does not apply a refund products. Return is accepted for replacement size once and for one product, and should be notified within 3 days of receipt of the product.

Any complaints regarding inappropriate size after a period longer than 3 days from receipt of goods is considered outdated.

However, in some situations, we reserve the right to refuse replacement of products that do not match in size, according to GEO 130/2000 art. 10 letter c) and / or GEO 34/2014 art. 16 lit. c).

The returns for wrong size does not apply to products purchased discounted products / gift received.

NOTE: Do not replace a model products with products from other model.

NOTE: We do not accept repeated returns for wrong size.

3.4 Return procedure

If you wish to return / change a product Mathis we must explicitly communicate this intention within 3 days of receipt of the product or by email at or by completing Return Form from your account on

After reviewing your request, we will confirm the details of solving return. Given the fact that we want to be fully satisfied with Mathis products, we assure you that we will do our best to solve your request of return.

• Return refused - unfortunately your products can not be returned

• Return accepted - please follow the steps below:

Prepare goods for shipment - products must be shipped within 5 days of receipt confirmation email. Note: Products will be returned only to the address indicated in the return form, we do not accept returns showroom.

- check if all the below conditions of return are respected;

- contact the courier company;

- keep the confirmation (AWB).

All tax returns are incurred and paid in full in advance by you.

We will announce as soon as your return has been received at the factory and checked viewpoint of compliance with the conditions of return. We reserve the right to accept or refuse your return only after products have been verified viewpoint of compliance with the conditions of return below.

• If products are not returned within 5 days from of the emailed confirmation of return, are damaged and / or without form and completed return return has sender uncertain / can not be identified, we reserve the right to refuse return and / or to send you back the products at your expense.

• If the return is refused and we will send the products back, and the package is refused you we reserve the right to retain all amounts paid.

• If the return is settled with an exchange, the new product will be shipped within 5-7 working days maximum from receiving and checking the returned product.

• If the return is settled with a refund of the product, it will be made within 15 working days after receiving and checking the returned product.

3.5 Return policy

Returned products must be new, unused and free of physical wear or damage.

Returned products must be accompanied by the completed return form in all the clear information (Form Return your personal section on the site).

The products will be returned only to the address indicated in the form of return, accept returns showroom.

We reserve the right to refuse and thus to send back to you any product that does not fulfill all the conditions and cumulative return above.

All tax returns are incurred and paid in full in advance of you.

NOTE: We do not accept packages with cash. We do not accept packages whose sender cannot be identified. We are not responsible for lost or damaged in shipping packages. Romanian Post parcels to raise or any post office. We accept returns in showroom.

NOTE: repeated return requests by the same client can be considered abuse.

13.6 Refunds

If the return is solved by a refund of the product, the following fees will not be refunded - delivery charge standard or express (including the case of promotions on duty delivery date), customs duties, bank charges, foreign exchange differences for payments in EUR, other specific duties as required. The returns for wrong size does not apply if the purchased products have been discounted / gift received.

In case of international deliveries outside the EU will not refund fees invoiced separately from each specific destination courier company.

A refund of the product, except for fees that will be retained, will be made by card (for payments made by card) or bank (for payments carry cash or bank) account / card on which payment was made, within maximum 10 days from the acceptance and product verification within the factory. We will announce you via email as soon as a product refund has been processed. Please keep in mind that we need a period of up to 10 working days until the money are refunded to your account; This interval depends exclusively on your bank or card issuer and cannot be controlled by