The Brand

There’s a big world out there for discoveries. There’s a big world out there that wants to dress you up.

There’s even a bigger one that will want to undress you.

We know good girls. We know bad girls.

We know what they both have in common: the skin they feel good in.

Mathis evokes timeless leatherwear through classy designs and unexpected cuts.

We have committed to forging through creativity and emotion that build up the consumer, through the power of attitude, through the power of culture, engaging into offering exactly the highest amount of craftsmanship, service and design.

The next level of confidence tailored in timeless leather items, carefully crafted for each kind of personality, mood swing, and hotlist you have kept only for yourself.

Feeling confident is timeless. And so is leather.

Wear it like your second skin.

Because the skin you live in is the skin that talks to the world for yourself.